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What are the advantages of tactile totems for the outdoor hotel industry?

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Technological innovation for campsites

Campsites have long been a favorite spot for lovers of the great outdoors. However, with the rapid technological advances of our time, it’s no surprise to see these traditional spaces adapting to new technologies to enhance the camper experience.

A recent innovation gaining popularity in many outdoor hospitality establishments is the use of tactile totems, offering a range of services and information accessible at the touch of a fingertip.

What is a tactile totem?

A tactile totem is an interactive device equipped with a touch screen that gives campers easy access to a variety of information and services. Typically placed in strategic areas of the campsite, such as reception, common areas or information points, touch totems offer a user-friendly, intuitive interface for interacting with the content displayed.

Services and features

Tactile totems provide useful information about the site, such as opening hours, activities, maps and emergency numbers.

Vacationers can access interactive tour guides that provide information on local attractions, places of interest, and much more.

Touch-sensitive totems display scheduled activities at the campsite, such as yoga sessions, group excursions and themed evenings, enabling campers to plan their days.

Some outdoor hospitality establishments offer additional services such as ordering food or camping supplies via the touch-sensitive totems, offering campers added convenience.

Advantages of tactile totems

Tactile totems offer an interactive, user-friendly experience, making access to information and services quicker and easier for campers, without having to search for brochures or wait at reception.

Campers can make reservations, obtain information and plan their activities directly from the touch-sensitive totems, saving time and avoiding queues.

The touch-sensitive totems are available 24 hours a day, giving holidaymakers the freedom to access information at any time, even outside reception opening hours.

Tactile totems reduce paper consumption by eliminating the need for printed brochures and physical documents, thus helping to preserve the environment.

The future of connected campsites

Touch totems are just one example of the evolution of outdoor hospitality establishments towards more connected, technologically advanced environments.

As technology continues to advance, we can expect new innovations to emerge in the camping industry, offering even more personalized experiences and making life easier for campers.

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