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Optimize your campsite management with a concierge application

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An electronic concierge application helps optimize the management of your campsite, offering the following benefits:

Optimizing activity management involves in particular :

  • The automation of certain tasks (such as checking in on guest arrival, ordering comfort options, etc.), allowing campsites to save time and focus on more crucial responsibilities.

  • Real-time communication via a single dematerialized tool, ensuring maximum efficiency in exchanges.

  • A digital welcome booklet for customers, where they can find all the information they need to organize their stay directly on the app. This relieves reception staff of tasks such as providing information to customers, allowing them to concentrate on more important tasks.


An electronic concierge application allows campsites to handle requests in real time, thanks to instant communication between customers and campsite staff. Customers can send service requests from their mobile app, and staff members can respond quickly. This rapid interaction helps to improve the customer experience and the overall quality of the services offered.

An electronic concierge application allows campsites to gather information about their guests:

  • Customer profile details (age, name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.)
  • Customer feedback on their stay at the tourist establishment
  • Observations on individual customer behavior and preferences

This set of collected data gives the campsite the opportunity to progress by taking all these elements into consideration.

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