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Restaurant digitalization

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Over the past few years, with the growth of daily digital use and increasingly connected consumers, restaurants have had to adapt to meet their new expectations.

"Cross-channel" behavior

Customers are increasingly adopting a behavior known as “cross-channel“, which means interacting with a brand or retailer across multiple sales channels, both online and offline, throughout their purchasing journey.

Indeed, they tend to use a variety of channels to research products and make purchasing decisions. These sales channels can include physical stores, websites, mobile applications, social networks, phone calls…

Furthermore, with the growth of daily digital use, consumers are becoming less patient and expect faster service.

Faced with these new behaviors, retailers and restaurants have had to adapt to best respond to these new expectations, which has resulted in the emergence of new concepts.

The emergence of Click & Collect

The Click & Collect concept emerged in the 2000s.

It allows customers to order products online via the website or mobile app of a store, chain or restaurant, then collect their purchases directly from a physical point of sale. The term “click and collect” means that customers “click” (i.e. place their order online) and “collect” (i.e. pick up their items in-store).

It offers customers the opportunity to shop online, choose the products they want, pay online, and then collect their items in-store at a time convenient to them. This allows customers to avoid in-store waiting times, while providing retailers with an additional opportunity to offer quality customer service and boost sales.

Online table reservations

The first online table reservation systems appeared in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but it took some time for them to be adopted more widely.

They allow :

In summary, online table reservation systems simplify the booking process for customers, while offering restaurants an efficient way to manage reservations and optimize occupancy.

Cool’n Camp supports campsites and their restaurants in their digitalization through a complete solution: Click & Collect, table reservation, QR code menu, payment and ordering online and at the table…

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